The Research Unit "Research, Enterprise and Decision" (RED) was created in 2013 within the Higher Institute of Management of Gabes (ISGG) from the University of Gabes (Tunisia). See: LINK HERE.

It is referenced UR13ES78 in the research field "law, economic and management sciences" discipline "economic and management science" specialty "finance and accounting." It is one of 304 research units approved by the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. See: LINK HERE.

the research Unit RED is made up of more than 44 researchers and issues several research works, it publishes an electronic journal (JoAF) and organizes an annual international conference (CSIFA)

the research unit RED has an ISBN number: ISBN: 978-9938-9935-0-9 It’s registered ARK Name Assigning Authority ID (California digital library) is: 68402. LINK HERE.